HURU Resources for Teachers

If you are a teacher or school administrator at a middle school in central Indiana, we would love to bring HURU to your classrooms!

Educating and protecting your students is your primary job.  Did you know that smokers die an average of 13 years earlier than non-smokers?  Or that of all smokers, 80% started as teenagers, and 99% of smokers started before the age of 26?  Let us help educate your students about the dangers of tobacco and encourage a tobacco-free identity with HURU!

This is what teachers are saying about HURU:

“The students took it seriously, and the pictures of the potential damage caused by tobacco left a strong impression.”

“Great interaction, pictures, videos. Loved the note cards for students to read.”

“From the first day I contacted your office, everyone was helpful and professional. The classes were scheduled quickly and it was very easy for me to plan. The follow up was also handled in a great manner – no fuss for me.”

“Love the program!! Great for students!”


Here are some basic details you may want to know about HURU:

  • There is NO COST to the school for HURU presentations (that means it is FREE!)
  • HURU is being offered during the fall and spring semesters
  • HURU presentations are ideally done in a single classroom (instead of convocation style) as this works best to engage your students in the content and interactive elements.  We are happy to conduct multiple presentations in a single day or over several days to ensure all students are reached.
  • All Peer Educators and Little Red Door staff who conduct the presentations complete a background check before entering the schools.
  • All students are asked to complete a brief pre and post-test so that we can assess change in knowledge.  A summary of this data will be provided to the main school contact within 2 weeks of the presentations.
  • School personnel are responsible for providing a computer, projector, screen, sound system, and internet connection to share the Prezi presentation with the students.  Students will also need a writing utensil for the pre and post-test.
  • At the conclusion of the presentation students will get a HURU branded giveaway (such as a mood pencil, rubber bracelet, etc.).
  • Teachers will be provided with a resource packet with ideas on additional ways to further the tobacco free message in their classrooms.  Teachers will also receive a follow up email asking them to complete a brief online survey to provide feedback that we will use to make program improvements.

Are you ready to schedule a HURU presentation for your middle school or do you have more questions?  Take this survey and please contact Tina Jacob, Youth Tobacco Education Coordinator, (317) 805-1081 or