Youth Tobacco Education Program


Our youth tobacco education program, titled “HURU?” (or rather Who Are You?), is a multi-media presentation that is offered to middle schools throughout central Indiana.  This interactive presentation is led by Little Red Door staff and aims to educate students on the facts about the tobacco industry and the dangers associated with tobacco use; while encouraging them to support a tobacco-free identity.


What to expect:

  • Program is offered FREE of charge
  • Held within a single class period (can present in multiple periods throughout the day)
  • Presentation highlights real life stories of Indiana cancer patients
  • Active student participation throughout presentation

“I think this was an awesome presentation and it definitely helped me decide to be tobacco free!” – Guion Creek Middle School student

Are you interested in learning more about our tobacco education program?  Please contact Tina Jacob, Youth Tobacco Education Coordinator, at

Additional information for teachers.

For more information on tobacco, go to:

Student Testimonials:

“Had a strong influence on my decision and now I am positive that I want to be tobacco free!” – Carmel Middle School student

“Thank you for coming in to talk about this! It was a great program!” – Tri-West Middle School student

“This has inspired me to help others quit.” – Avon South Middle School student

“My dad smokes & now I want to help him quit for good.” – Greenfield Central Jr. High School student