Welcome to the Little Red Door Cancer Agency, where our mission is to make the most of life and the least of cancer. We offer services for cancer patients, resources for those in need and information on cancer prevention.

Mission: Fighting cancer is tough enough, but it’s even harder when you don’t have medical insurance or the resources to afford proper care. Little Red Door Cancer Agency strives to make the most of life and the least of cancer by reducing the physical, emotional, and financial burdens of cancer for the medically underserved residents of central Indiana.

Little Red Door Cancer Agency was originally established in 1945 as the Marion County Cancer Society. Functioning as an educational outlet at its inception, Little Red Door provided information on the symptoms of cancer. It was located at 1101 West 10th Street in a World War II barrack that had been refurbished, complete with a red door.

Since the word cancer carried a social stigma at the time, Little Red Door became more commonly used than the agency’s official name. After 50 years of being the Marion County Cancer Society Inc., the organization formally changed its name to Little Red Door Cancer Agency Inc. in 1995 and unveiled its current logo.


As the demand for additional services became apparent, Little Red Door volunteers established a loan cupboard stocked with sickroom supplies and dressings. In 1950, the need for additional funds to support the program resulted in Little Red Door becoming affiliated with the Community Fund, today known as United Way of Central Indiana. Three years later Little Red Door was issued a non-profit charter as the Marion County Cancer Society Inc.

Continued growth of services resulted in the agency moving to the first floor of the Cole Building at 730 East Washington Street in 1963 and then moving a second time in 1968 to its present location at 1801 North Meridian Street. These moves enabled the agency to improve and provide stable services.

New services were added as the needs arose and as medical advances offered new techniques to help fight cancer. The educational programs continue to provide information to the public through the use of speakers, videos, exhibits, and literature.

Little Red Door recognizes that cancer takes an extreme toll on all of those who suffer from it. They further recognize that of the thousands of people living with cancer throughout Indianapolis, many do not have the financial means to properly care for themselves. Therefore, Little Red Door is committed to serving the uninsured and underserved people with cancer throughout Indianapolis. All of the services provided by Little Red Door are absolutely free. This includes the patient services provided to those individuals already living with cancer, along with the educational services and screenings provided to financially challenged individuals who benefit from early detection and risk assessment.

A board of directors oversees all activities of Little Red Door Cancer Agency. The board is comprised of unpaid volunteer members who possess special interest, skills and knowledge to advance the mission of Little Red Door.

Financial support continues to come from United Way of Central Indiana, which during the past four decades has contributed more than four million dollars to Little Red Door. Additional funding is received through memorial gifts, individual donations, corporate contributions, foundation grants and estate planning. Little Red Door has also been the beneficiary of funds from The Indianapolis Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

Little Red Door Cancer Agency will continue to be a proactive force in the community providing worthy and unique services.