Hometown Heroes: Jane Ambro

Tue, 07/30/2019 - 10:50 AM | by Little Red Door Cancer Agency

By Lindsay Harrison | Communications & Development Intern

Jane is a cancer control specialist who’s originally from Moscow, OH and eventually ended up in Indianapolis and was immediately hired as a receptionist right here at Little Red Door. As she grew up in the Midwest, Jane has a passion for the Cincinnati Reds, Skyline Chili and Graeter’s Ice Cream. Outside of being a cancer control specialist and lending a helping hand to us here at Little Red Door, Jane likes to spend time with her close circle of friends, read and take walks.

Even though Jane is no longer employed at Little Red Door, she considers herself to have grown up with us as she worked so dedicatedly in our office for an incredible period of 22 years. While she was with us, Jane played an extensive list of different roles including receptionist, director of screening and detection, committee member, board member and interim director.

When I asked her what her favorite part about her job was, Jane went straight to talking about how passionate she is about getting the opportunity to help people in our community.

“I think the best part of my job is meeting all kinds of people, sharing information with them that will hopefully help them live a healthy life, and developing relationships with community organizations.”

Jane considers all of her work at Little Red Door memorable, whether that be Race for the Cure participation, United Way Health Fairs, Camp Little Red Door, or Non-Profit “Olympic” competitions. While she was here, Jane had a widespread impact on our Little Red Door family and truly helped us develop some of the services that we are able to provide to the surrounding communities today.

Although every impact Jane made on Little Red Door was profound, her favorite thing she did while she was here was securing the funding for and developing the Mammography Assistance Program. Jane even remembers the first woman to be diagnosed with breast cancer through the program and will never forget how it continued to change people’s lives.

Through her time working in the healthcare industry, Jane assisted so many medically underserved individuals in our community, but some memories will remain in her brain forever.

“I [also] remember two oral cancer screening participants – one with cancer and one without. The person diagnosed with oral cancer felt like we had saved her life because of early detection. The person given “peace of mind” told us she was going to purchase a washing machine – she needed it, but thought she was dying so there was no reason to get it. Since she was ok, she was going shopping.”

Whether it was having the opportunity to let someone know that they are cancer free or having the hard task of helping people through their diagnosis, Jane was in some way reaching out a helping hand to so many. She has touched the lives within our local community and beyond, and we have her to personally thank for starting one of our incredibly special programs. Without Jane, a part of Little Red Door would be incomplete, which is only part of the reason why she is a hometown hero in our eyes.