Hometown Heroes: Dawn Drinkut

Tue, 07/30/2019 - 10:46 AM | by Carly Stunda

By Lindsay Harrison | Communications & Development Intern

Dawn is an Indianapolis native who grew up on the east side, and has always loved the greenway trail system and logging as many miles as she can along the way. Other than being a client navigator for us here at Little Red Door, Dawn likes to go to concerts and practice yoga, which she actually tried for the first time through our Door to Wellness program!

Dawn’s favorite part about Little Red Door is being able to have the opportunity to help her clients through their cancer journey. At Little Red Door, Dawn spends a lot of time supporting and assisting caregivers who have devoted their own lives to servicing others while neglecting their own needs. One of Dawn’s hopes is that she is able to help to her clients prioritize caring for themselves and exploring what it means to set aside even just a few minutes a day for that purpose.

“For some of my clients that means making it to every single cancer treatment and follow up appointment while for others that means finding a dedicated yoga practice or exercise class at our facility.”

When I asked Dawn to share a memory that sticks out from over the years, she began to tell a story of one of her clients who was facing a long and strenuous treatment regime after a recurrence of his cancer. As he was telling Dawn about his biggest regrets in life, he told her about how he had let people walk out of his life without ever really telling them how much they meant to him.

“Listening to his story and others that are achingly similar has taught me to live for the moment because that’s all we have sometimes. I try new things, push myself to face my fears and I never miss an opportunity to tell someone I care.”

Dawn has already positively impacted the Little Red Door community so much and continues to do so every day that she steps into the office. Over her time at Little Red Door, Dawn has learned that strong support networks are critical and come in many different forms. For us, our support network here at Little Red Door wouldn’t be the same without Dawn on our team. As she devotes her days to listening to her clients and going out of her way to assist them in any way they may need, she is truly a hometown hero in our hearts.