World Cancer Day 2018

Sun, 02/04/2018 - 8:00 AM | by Tiffany Kerrigan

By: Caylie Guinn, Health Educator at Little Red Door Cancer Agency, AmeriCorps Public Ally

Cancer can occur anytime, anywhere, and to anyone. Cancer doesn’t care what race you are, where you live, or what language you speak. In fact, worldwide, almost 9 million people die from cancer each year. World Cancer Day aims to reduce this number by educating people around the world and sending a call to action to eliminate the burden of cancer. No matter who you are – a cancer survivor, caregiver, friend, co-worker, employer, or just someone with a big heart – you can support the effort of World Cancer Day. The “We can. I can.” campaign is designed to encourage people from all walks of life to make an effort in the fight against cancer.

On February 4th, we join together, as individuals, organizations, and a global community, to educate each other on this growing epidemic. Today, there are over 14 million new cases of cancer each year. By 2030, that number is expected to grow to almost 22 million.

Over one-third of cancer deaths are preventable, caused by factors such as tobacco use, alcohol, and unhealthy diet. Actions taken by every person, organization and government will help reduce the burden of cancer to achieve the goal of a 25% reduction in premature deaths from NCDs by 2025.

“We can. I can.” promotes action by everyone around the world. But what can we do, exactly?

Here at Little Red Door, we are committed to improving the lives of cancer patients and fostering a community of wellness and education. For qualifying patients, we provide transportation services to treatments, nutritional supplements, as well as fittings for breast prostheses, bras, and wigs in our free boutique. Client Navigators are here to help patients with information on their diagnosis, the healthcare system, and various resources for their needs. Our Door to Wellness program offers health and wellness activities for a variety of needs, including yoga and massage therapies, cooking classes, and a social space for clients at any point in their cancer journey. Little Red Door also offers educational services, such as HURU (our Youth Tobacco Education Program) and Cancer Survivors Day at the Indiana State Fair.

We can improve the lives of cancer patients. We can encourage and support healthy lifestyles. We can educate all people on cancer and prevention. Together, we can all make the most of life and the least of cancer.