Sun, 03/27/2016 - 9:00 AM | by Fred Duncan

We are excited to announce the new Little Red Door website!

The decision to revamp the Little Red Door Cancer Agency’s website was primarily based on the need to tell the story of how we are serving Hoosiers and their families in central Indiana. Redesigning the website has allowed us to create an overall synergy between the agency, our clients, the community, and our donors and volunteers. The new site is also layered in multimedia including the weekly blog (found under “Education”) and the usage of picture galleries or videos on every page. It is our hope that this new look of the website has made our programs more readily available to our clients and that they can better find relevant information through the improved navigation.
The homepage features scrolling images to offer a sneak peek into the various activities of the agency. At the base of this gallery are two doors highlighting the most popular needs of visitors to our site; I need help and I want to help.

Clicking on the I need helpdoor leads to the basic navigation of how clients can receive help from the Little Red Door Cancer Agency. Clients can also find this page from the top navigation. The “Receive Help” page offers information on the story behind the agency, who the agency helps, what clients can expect from the agency, and a contact forum specialized for our clients. Insights into particular programs we offer clients are also located under the“Receive Help” section of the website. “Our Services” encompasses complementary therapies, navigation and support, and many additional services.


The I want to help door opens up to how individuals can give support to our community. Within the“Give Support” page are directions on making direct monetary donations, items donations, honor/memorial gifts, and planned gifts. Individuals can also find contact information for hosting a fundraising event to benefit Little Red Door on this page. The website redesign has also streamlined our donation process into a simple 3-step process that also shows how your donation could be used.


Our mission statement was the main driver throughout the entire re-do of the website and part of that mission is to provide education in addition to free client services. The website redesign has broadened the framework for educating the general public. The new “Education” section not only highlights the Big Red Bash Experience and the Youth Tobacco Education Program, but now it also houses information hubs Nutritional Education and Know the Facts (cancer prevention, cancer 101, and cancer education research).


Furthermore, this redesign has the ability to increase interaction in involvement through volunteer efforts through the restructured process to getting involved from the “Volunteer” page (found under “Give Support”). Additionally, the Calendar (found under “Receive Help”) is now easily accessible and serves clients, donors, and community events.

As we continue to impact clients and the community, the new site will provide visibility into how we have created change in making the most of life and the least of cancer.

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Fred Duncan, CEO and Director