Fri, 03/04/2016 - 6:14 PM | by Pete Mackin

By Abbey Venable



Client Service Coordinators Brit Alamillo and Cheree Pepper work a variety of important tasks for Little Red Door. Some of their day to day-to-day tasks include answering phones, mailing, donation intake, data entry, satisfaction surveys and making sure our clients are getting the best experience.  They are very passionate about their work so we decided to shine the employee spotlight in their direction.

Tell me a little about yourself
Brit: I enjoy art and photography as well as being around people. I love to make people feel good about themselves, which is why I love this job. It’s good to be able to put a smile on a client’s face.

Cheree: I’m a mother and I’m in school with a full-time job. I like to like to be uplifting and smile a lot at people. Smiling at someone can change a person’s day. I also like to think I’m a motivator. It’s in my nature to be friendly and help other people.

What’s the best part of working for Little Red Door?
Brit: Being part of such a great organization is the best part of working here. I get to help people through one of the hardest times of their lives and make a difference. The employees here at Little Red Door are also the best part because they make the environment very positive and joyful to work in, where as other people don’t have that special environment.

Cheree: My co-workers and helping clients is the best part for me. We all work together for this common goal and I couldn’t ask for better people to work with. The clients are the best because they’re so grateful for the things that we do, even if it’s something small they are always so grateful and that’s so amazing.

What’s your favorite memory at Little Red Door?
Brit: My favorite memory is when I went to my first Face of Hope Breakfast and heard from clients and the children from Camp Little Red Door. It was so enjoyable to be able to see all the work we do and see these amazing people talk about how we made a difference.

Cheree: Everyday is my favorite memory, but I had to pick one memory it would be the Christmas party. We played a game call Heads Up where the person has a card with a word on their head and everyone gives them hints to try to guess it. It’s a chance to get to know all these amazing people outside of work and see their true selves.