Sun, 09/06/2015 - 5:31 PM | by mitch

Who Are You? That is the question we are asking students during our interactive multi-media tobacco education program, HURU?.


Local college students serving as Peer Educators have been teaching middle school students in central Indiana about the dangers of tobacco for several years through Little Red Door Cancer Agency’s Big Red Movement to cancer prevention.

HURU? is offered free of charge to the students as an interactive multi-media tobacco education program. The overall goal is to support a tobacco-free identity, all while posing the question, “Who Are You?”. The presentation encompasses material on the following:

  • Negative health effects of tobacco
  • Big Tobacco marketing schemes
  • Addiction
  • Financial costs
  • Secondhand smoke
  • Hookah and e-cigarettes
  • Ways to quit or help others quit
  • Highlights on some of the heroes in the fight against Big Tobacco

One student from Bed Davis Middle School said, “After the videos I seen, I decided to stay smoke free, because I love my life and I don’t want it to end with stupid decisions. The videos helped.”

Approximately 2,000 students have been reached already and now HURUhas undergone major enhancements to better serve our service area. The improvements, listed below, were designed from the viewpoint of the students. The presentation will quickly grab their attention; they will become even more involved, and now they have the opportunity to ask/address questions in a more effective manner.

  • New Prezi format
  • Additional interactive activities and videos
  • Updated testimonials from Indiana cancer patients
  • Comment box for students
  • Inclusion of more visuals and props from Peer Educators

The goal is to reach over 2,500 middle school students and increase their knowledge of the dangers of tobacco.  With the addition of more college students recruited as Peer Educators, we will be able to expand into more central Indiana schools. Little Red Door is excited moving forward with this enhanced HURU? experience. We want students to learn the facts about tobacco and the tobacco industry so they can make the best decision; this is all tied together with our question to students, “Who Are You?”.

For more information on HURUvisit our Little Red Door Cancer Agency website.