Donor Spotlight: Ryan Willman

Fri, 08/14/2015 - 6:29 PM | by mitch

By Nick Duvall, Vice-President of Development and Communications

1.      How did you first hear about Little Red Door? 

I first heard about LRD about 15 years ago when I worked with someone that served on the LRD Board

2.      How did you start helping LRD?

I started helping LRD on the Finance Committee as part of my board internship for the Leadership United program in Spring of 2014.

3.      What is your favorite aspect or program at Little Red Door?

I love that LRD helps navigate clients through what can be a very difficult and uncertain time in the lives under any circumstances; and that LRD helps provide a support system to clients that they otherwise wouldn’t necessarily have.

4.      What else do you love about the Little Red Door?

I love that shared passion that LRD staff and board members have (it’s a great group of people to work with).

5.      Why is partnering with us valuable to you?

Partnering with LRD is valuable to me because of the hope it provides to its clients.

6.      If you could tell people one thing about the Little Red Door that they might not know what would it be?

That despite all of the progress in healthcare reform, there are still many unmet needs.