Donor Spotlight: Jennifer Medley

Mon, 07/27/2015 - 6:38 PM | by mitch

By Nick Duvall, Vice-President of Development and Communications

1.      How did you first hear about Little Red Door?

As a radiology resident at IU Medical School, I had frequent interaction with Little Red Door patients on mammography rotations at both Wishard and Methodist.  So I knew early on in my medical career the impact that LRD was having on those in need in Indianapolis.

2.      How did you start helping LRD?

I was invited as a guest to the Face of Hope fundraising event.  Since that time I’ve been proud to be a table captain myself for multiple years, and now am embarking on the exciting opportunity of being a board member.

3.      What is your favorite aspect or program at Little Red Door?

Probably the mammography screening assistance program, mostly because it means so much to me since I read mammograms on a daily basis, and see the devastating effects that untreated breast cancer can have.  To think that there are women out there who do not come in for a mammogram because they can’t afford it, or are afraid of facing the possibility of a breast cancer diagnosis alone, is just heartbreaking.  I’m very thankful that the Little Red Door has been able to provide both financial and emotional support for so many women.

4.      What else do you love about the Little Red Door?

I also really love Camp Little Red Door.  Facing cancer is difficult for anyone, but facing it as a child has to be very overwhelming and isolating.  Camp LRD is such a great place for these kids to spend a week just being a kid, and to forget about the very real issues they deal with the rest of the year.  I think it also benefits the children who have beat cancer, and can return to offer support to kids that are going through the same things that they once faced.

5.      Why is partnering with us valuable to you?

Again, I see patients referred through LRD in my breast imaging practice on a weekly if not daily basis.  Being more closely involved with the organization only helps me to have a better understanding where these patients might be coming from, and what we can do to better serve them.  As healthcare coverage becomes more accessible, there may be less need for the Little Red Door’s services in my immediate area, but I look forward to helping determine where we can use those funds elsewhere to achieve the most benefit.

6.      If you could tell people one thing about the Little Red Door that they might not know what would it be?

Little Red Door is about so much more than financial assistance.  There are many programs supported by LRD that serve the mental health and physical wellness of our patients… from yoga designed specifically for cancer patients, to wig/hat and breast prosthesis services, to cancer *prevention* programs including healthy eating, to navigation services that help patients seek out resources they may not have otherwise known were available…. there’s so much more that goes into helping our clients beyond their financial needs.