Big Red Bash Experience continues to educate at Indiana Black Expo

Thu, 07/23/2015 - 6:39 PM | by mitch

By Sarah Redman, intern

The humidity may have been unbearable outside, but that did not stop thousands of people from attending Indiana Black Expo this past weekend. Religious groups, fashion vendors, education, and health services were a few of the  booths that packed the Indiana Convention Center for the event.

We took our Big Red Bash Experience to the Indiana Black Expo with a mission to educate people about cancer prevention. Our outreach and education team developed the presentation with activities to teach visitors how to make healthy lifestyle decisions to reduce their risk of cancer.

“Overall, many of the visitors were interested what in the experience has to offer,” said Tiffany King, Outreach and Education Coordinator. “We had roughly 1,600 people interact with the booth. We consider the large turn out a success.”

Earlier this summer, the updated Big Red Bash Experience debuted at the Indy Pride Festival.  Since then our booth has undergone some changes. In the entrance of the booth, visitors are asked to pledge to bash cancer by uploading a selfie on an iPad. The selfie will immediately be displayed on a big screen television in the center of our booth once the person has completed the pledge.

After taking the selfie, visitors can walk through the rest of our booth, set up like a museum exhibit. There are four aspects of the program: “Cover Up,” “Say ‘No’ to Tobacco,” “Eat the Rainbow,” and “Stand Up! Be Active.” Guests can walk through and see displays and mock-social media posts persuading people to partake in healthy behaviors.

“This year, the Big Red Bash had a bigger presence at Indiana Black Expo than we had in previous years,” King said. “We moved into the Expo hall where we encouraged people to take the Bash Cancer pledge.”

Many of the booth’s activities target children. They can learn about lowering their cancer risk by playing with the activity dice or designing their own healthy meal.  Kids loved taking group selfies and personalizing their Bash Cancer pledge.

There still is time to see the Big Red Bash experience. It will be at the Indiana State Fair Aug. 7-23. “We hope to see even more people at the State Fair coming up in August,” King said. You can find more information about taking the pledge at our website. We look forward to educating more of the community about cancer prevention!