Donor Spotlight: Stephanie Shelley

Fri, 05/29/2015 - 6:44 PM | by mitch

By Nick Duvall, Vice-President of Development and Communications

How did you hear about Little Red Door?

I first heard about the Little Red Door when I was invited by a friend to attend the Face of Hope Breakfast.  I was so moved by the personal testimonials of what the Little Red Door does for people with cancer who don’t have adequate resources to live a full life while battling cancer.  Their stories from those who used LRD services were inspiring.  I left my first Face of Hope Breakfast feeling like the Little Red Door boldly stood for helping fellow man/woman during a time of significant need.

How did you start helping LRD?

I began helping LRD through financial contributions.  I felt this was one of the most significant ways I could help the agency continue the noble work of helping people with cancer.  I also proactively shared the great work of this agency with others who were looking to make a difference in the community.

What is my favorite program at LRD?

One of my favorite programs offered by LRD is their wig service.  My mother is a cancer survivor so I saw first-hand how losing her hair impacted her confidence and how it served as a reminder of her cancer.  Even if she didn’t wear her wig all the time, she knew it was there if she needed it.  I think it is fantastic that LRD helps people with cancer feel more in control with this very powerful support during a very vulnerable time.

Why is partnering with LRD valuable to you?

I am honored to partner with LRD because I’ve seen the hope and help the LRD staff have given to their clients.  I want to be a part of helping people who don’t necessarily have the means to access healthcare and services needed to achieve better health.  There are few things more devastating than cancer so why not make a difference for people who need the most hope and help.

What might you not know about the LRD?

What you won’t see on the LRD website is the purpose-driven culture of this lean organization.  This tenured team is committed to creating a meaningful customer experience for their clients.  They have a team of people working passionately to help their clients living with cancer, make the most of life.  I admire people who are driven by the purpose of their work.  You see this at LRD.