2014 Annual Report: A Time for Reflection

Mon, 04/13/2015 - 7:50 PM | by mitch

By Fred Duncan, Director and CEO

Since 1945, Little Red Door has been a welcoming place for our friends and neighbors fighting cancer.
The creation of an annual report is a time of reflection. A time for us to look back at the previous year’s accomplishments and attempt to distil those accomplishments into reports, graphs and charts that summarize our activities for the year. Frankly, I was surprised by this year’s results.
You will notice that we contracted slightly in 2014 in financial terms. This was due to a smaller gift from one of our most important partners whose fundraising efforts have tapered off the last three years. I fully expected that we would report a corresponding contraction in the numbers of people we served or the expression of mission. But to my surprise we actually served more people last year than ever before! That’s because we are always seeking new and better ways to help our clients.
In 2014 we launched Door to Wellness, a program that offers a variety of complimentary therapies to cancer patients and their caregivers. Our participation grows every week and we receive constant feedback from clients about their improved health. We have expanded our Door to Wellness program from yoga and massage every Tuesday to adding a monthly cooking class as well as collaborating with local partners to offer our program at their centers.
In 2014 we dramatically reduced our cost for our screening programs by renegotiating contracts with providers and connecting clients to insurance through the Health Care Marketplace. In 2014 the number of rides we gave to cancer treatment grew by 8% and we expanded the places our clients could go by better identifying barriers and using more options for transportation. Thank you for being a part of 2014’s success. We are confident that 2015 will be even better.