Donor Spotlight: Kristine Lemke

Tue, 03/31/2015 - 7:51 PM | by mitch

By Katie Means, Development Specialist

Why do you/your team give your time to LRD?

To provide hope and support to those living with cancer. Ease the burden of the journey.

How did you start helping LRD?

Face of Hope Breakfast!  I was invited by work colleague Bruce Edelen who at that time was a LRD Board Member.

What is your favorite aspect or program at Little Red Door?

Face of Hope Breakfast! It is truly moving to be in a room of caring and generous people sharing the passion of LRD’s mission.

Why is partnering with us valuable to you?

I am a member of the community and I myself and/or my friends and neighbors could be in need of the services provided by the LRD.  I want to pay it forward.  It feels good to know you are doing something to help others in needs. I sat at a FOH breakfast and listened to a LRD client – a professional – a lawyer – single mom of two who discovered her employer had not been paying their healthcare premiums and found herself diagnosed with cancer and no healthcare coverage.  At that moment –  I realized that could be me.  And I wanted to ensure that people had hope and support and a place to go.

What would you say to other to encourage them to partner with Little Red Door? 

It’s a mighty organization – a small staff that makes a HUGE difference in the community.  YOU can make a difference too – Come join us.  You’ll know it the moment you arrive you’ve made a great decision!