Donor Spotlight: Veros Partners

Fri, 02/13/2015 - 7:54 PM | by mitch

By Nick Duvall, Director of Development

Why do you/your team give your time to LRD

Giving our time to Little Red Door is one of the few ways we are able to work together and build relationships as a team, outside of the office setting.  Through making blankets for care packages given to new cancer patients, and helping with the set-up of the Big Red Bash, our team was able to work together while helping give back to others.

How did your relationship with LRD begin?

Every year Veros selects a Focus Charitable Organization which we allocate a larger portion of our charitable budget to and find key ways we can have direct hands-on involvement with the selected organization.

We like to select organizations that have a personal connection to Veros, either through our team members or our clients. We were first introduced to LRD by a client of ours and former board member of LRD, which got the ball rolling and as we learned more about what the agency does and how we could help, we thought it was a good fit.

What is your favorite aspect or program at Little Red Door?

Little Red Door offers so many great services to their clients that it is hard to pick, although I do love what they do for the kids at Camp Little Red Door and feel the cancer prevention programs focusing on eating healthy, regular exercise, and promoting a healthy lifestyle are true keys to Bashing Cancer.

We try to promote these habits at Veros by having various fitness challenges throughout the year and sharing healthy food ideas and recipes.

Why is partnering with us valuable to you?

At Veros we are very passionate and committed to what we do and believe the primary reason we exist is to “help people achieve something greater”. We follow this belief not only through our service to our clients, but also by supporting our team members and through our dedication to serving our community.

Our partnership with LRD helps us “achieve something greater” than simply providing great client service and hopefully by helping LRD we are helping many others achieve something greater that would otherwise not have been possible.

What would you say to other to encourage them to partner with Little Red Door?  

I would say LRD is a fantastic organization to work with.  They were very helpful and accommodating to help us meet our goals and objectives of the partnership, and in return we were able to help them meet their needs.

I would recommend coming into the facility to see what the organization does for its clients first hand, and then find a program that excites them and figure out how they can get involved to make their own personal contribution to help Bash Cancer..