Wigs brighten lives, restore confidence

Tue, 01/13/2015 - 7:57 PM | by mitch

By Dawn Drinkut, Client Navigator

Thirty minutes, 1 wig, 2 scarves and a turban later, Amy* found the confidence she lost with her hair. Amy, who is legally blind, came to our wig boutique last summer with her guide dog Bo*; looking for a wig similar to the style she had worn before she started chemotherapy.

Little Red Door’s boutique has a large selection of styles and colors and we take donations from the community. Fortunately for Amy, the second wig she tried, a sleek blond bob that framed her face perfectly, was the obvious choice. This was the wig that would help her get the job, she explained.

Amy was diagnosed with breast cancer after completing her master’s degree in Social Work. Amy became a patient, attending doctor’s appointments and treatment sessions. But she didn’t let cancer change her plans. She continued to search for a job where she could help others and landed an interview the day after her wig fitting.

Amy left that day wearing her new wig, promising to let us know how the interview went. In addition to her wig, we provided Amy with a few gift cards to Pet Supplies Plus for her service dog, a gift card for Kroger, and one of our care packages. A week later she emailed me, “Oh yes, the wig worked like a charm, because guess what? I was offered the job!!!! You all have been such a God Send, and I want to help others that have cancer get through it with flying colors, and go on to live a healthy and fulfilled life!”

Last year the Little Red Door boutique provided women with almost 100 wigs. Women in Amy’s situation are shocked to learn how much a wig costs. Prices range from $100-$500 depending on the color, style and brand. We also try to send women home with scarves, hats and turbans to provide a sense of comfort during this difficult time in their lives.

During cancer treatment women not only lose their hair but also their eyebrows and eyelashes. Sometimes they may find that their skin becomes dryer and applying makeup can be a challenge. Little Red Door hosts the American Cancer Society’s, Look Good Feel Better program every other month where trained cosmetologists teach women how to overcome these new challenges.  Women emerge as the person they were before cancer and make a few new friends in the process.

If you are a woman struggling with hair loss and would like to make an appointment in our boutique or want to register for our next Look Good Feel Better session, please call us at 317-925-5595.

* Names have been changed.