Rides give hope to many

Fri, 12/05/2014 - 8:00 PM | by mitch

By Dawn Drinkut, Client Navigator

For many of us, driving to work or the grocery store is something we take for granted. But for many of Hoosiers with cancer, something as simple as a car ride can be a huge obstacle to getting the help they desperately need.

Little Red Door reduces those barriers for low income central Indiana residents. Last year we provided over 9,000 rides to treatment appointments.

One of our clients, Ted*, was recently diagnosed with cancer and he was worried about how he was going to get to the hospital every day. Think about that for a second. Not only did he find out he had a terrible disease, but now he also had to worry about finding a ride.

He was beyond grateful when I told him we could take that burden away. In addition to transportation services, we provide newly diagnosed patients with care packages that include warm blankets and hats, back scratchers, and folders for medical records.

Ted called our office in tears after he received the care package. He wanted to thank everyone who had anything to do with sending the package. He said it meant so much to him to know that someone cared about him. We are still giving Ted rides to his appointments and he knows he has a few friends at Little Red Door.

In Indiana, over 30,000 residents are diagnosed with cancer annually. Our transportation program is one of the biggest services we provide to those people – taking them to chemotherapy, radiation, and any cancer-related follow-up appointments. We’re so proud to offer this service so people can increase their chances of survivorship and not worry about something so simple like driving.

*Name has been changed to protect his identity.