face of hope breakfast

The 2016 Face of Hope Breakfast is almost here!  Taking a look at last year’s records with 1,020 guests in attendance we raised an astonishing $343,477, which was a huge increase from our breakfast in 2014 where we raised $231,136. These funds go toward the many services that we offer to our clients such as transportation to and from chemotherapy appointments, nutritional supplements, and diagnostic mammograms for our BCAP program.

Client speakers and moving testimonials will demonstrate just how much of an impact Little Red Door has made on its clients and community.

We hope to continue the record-breaking fundraising with the continued generosity and support of our donors. We would not be able to accomplish these goals without the captains of our tables. If you are interested in being a table captain for this year’s breakfast, please contact Nick Duvall at nduvall@littlereddoor.org.